ALADDIN Luxury Camp vision and philosophy are inspired by our Founder, Olivier Gibaud, who believe that business is a matter of human service destined to Discover and Delight.

Our first luxury camp is located in a scenic and environmentally sensitive areas, in the center of Phuket Island, enabling us to drive our sustainability agenda across Climate Action, Land, Sea & Air and People & Culture.

A stay at Aladdin luxury Camp in Phuket would not be complete without long gaze at our small lake, a visit to Phuket Town for its rich cultural heritage and a day at sea or in the air.

Whilst you gaze at the lake, focus on the lotus and they’re beautiful colors, you my spot turtles, birds and lizard. In Phuket Town let yourself be tempted by all the locals rejoicing at the opportunity to share their lives with you and whilst on board luxury yachts at sea or in the air on board private jets, you’ll discover new horizons, those horizons that border Phuket Island.

Olivier Gibaud is one of Phuket’s leading creators and operators of award-winning, resorts, restaurants and beach clubs. As the General Manager of Twinpalms Phuket and Twinpalms MontAzure as well as Catch Beach Club, Kalido, Wagyu Steakhouse and more, is he renowned for developing and leading distinctive properties that redefine the destinations in which they are set.

In 2004, Olivier established and opened Twinpalms Phuket, the first Twinpalms and in so doing, reinvented “affordable luxury” vacation experience. His visionary philosophy was to operate elegant, boutique accommodations with a minimalist and environmentally sensitive approach, combining intimacy and style with sensible service.
This was followed in 2006 by Catch Beach Club, Asia’s most famous Beach Club from sunrise way beyond sunset…and more recently Wagyu Steakhouse and KALIDO.


Aladdin Camp is designed for travelers who are seeking—to be welcomed, to be captivated, to be absorbed in a place.

From the moment they set foot on the camp, guests are fully immersed in the culture that surrounds them. Everything is locally sourced and carefully crafted to surround guests with an immersive & transformative luxury camp experience.


Luxury Camps and experiences that transform a traveler’s sense of place. That’s Aladdin.

Immersed in natural beauty, local craftsmanship, and seasonal delicacies, Aladdin Luxury Camp guests find themselves feeling at home in an unfamiliar place.

Guests leave Aladdin with a renewed understanding of themselves, of the culture that surrounds them, and of the world and their place in it.


The distinct pleasure of immersion. In a camp.  A language.  A place.  A culture.

The relief of a familiar bed at the end of a day long exploration in an unfamiliar place.

A type of travel that invites you into a community, to learn about its customs and to share in its best-kept secrets. An experience that expands your sense of wonder and leaves you with so much more than you had when you arrived.


7 Soi Kohkeaw 13 Ko Kaeo, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83000